Wordpress Translation done Right. We make it simple and Effective.

Zanto was built with performance in mind and open source at heart so your may build a true future proof multilingual site with ease.

Built for Speed

Zanto achievies translation without compromising page load no matter the number of languages.

SEO Friendly

Zanto architecture allows for all required SEO practices to be implemented with ease.

Maximum Flexibility

Translating the Zanto way allows for different themes, different plugins e.t.c used for different languages.

Why Use Zanto WordPress Translation plugin?

The true multilingual solution.

Total Wordpress Tanslation

Because Zanto builds on the WordPress Multisite structure, there is no aspect of a website that is un-translatable.

Good Support

At Zanto, every user is important. Its through the support forum that we can improve Zanto to server its users better.

Add Your own Languages

Even though Zanto has over 60 inbuilt major languages, it allows users to add their own custom / native languages.

Layout Control

Because Zanto is built on the WordPress multisite structure, you can customize every language to have a different look and feel from the others.

Compatibility with other themes and plugins

Zanto was built entirely on the WordPress API ensuring maximum compatibility with all themes and plugins.

Language Networks

With Language Networks, you can select blogs in the multisite  that are translations of each other and Zanto creates the relationships.

Developer Friendly

Zanto is built with several hooks to allow developers to stretch it to new limits! We also take hook suggestions in the forum.

Open Source

Zanto is a strong believer in open source software and is released under GPL. Watch and contribute to Zanto code and more.

Go Multilingual

A website affords you global reach, but what good is global when you can't reach it? Exponentially expand your reach by going multilingual.